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“Every time Neymar steps on to a pitch, he should have a biohazard sign on him — Danger, serious danger!” - Ray Hudson.

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Javier trains by himself. He is careful with his diet: he hates gaining weight for the fear of playing poorly. He can eat lettuce for days to stay in shape.
— Fernanda describes Mascherano on days when he doesn’t have training
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“The calculus of a goal solved in a nanosecond. He’s got the nerve of a cat burglar this man.”

“The artful dodger pickpockets, then bamboozles and then sinks the hearts of Granada — Granada falls!”

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Ancelotti: “This is football, it’s not a game for girls.”


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He trains a lot, and he is very conscious and demanding to himself, but not to others. To his daughters and me, he is not.
On Mascherano by Mascherano’s wife